There are hundreds of ways to thank your guests. One on them is by giving wedding favors. Wedding favors are small gifts of love and appreciation that the guests get from the bride and groom. It is a very old tradition. The first wedding favors were given to European aristocrats and the gifts were called bonbonniere. Here are some Wedding favor ideas that your guests will love.

  • Tea Towels

Those who love to work in the kitchen will love this small gift. Your guests must be bored of wiping the counter and coffee spills with dull and boring clothes. They will surely love the fancy tea towels. You can get a professional calligrapher to design it for you.

  • Tasty bars

Another amazing way of showing love to your guests is by giving them sweet and tasty candy bars and treats. When it comes to sweet treats, there are so many options for you. You can add lollipops, candy, and chocolates.

  • Take Polaroid pictures

With each passing day, the use of Polaroid is reducing. People now use their cell phones to take pictures. But you can bring back the old and forgotten tradition of Polaroid pictures. Encourage your guests to take plenty of pictures. Give them the pictures as wedding favors and also keep some of the pictures yourself for the wedding guest book.

  • Pumpkins

Pumpkins are an excellent wedding favor if you are having a fall wedding. During those days you can easily find miniature pumpkins in different colors. Your guests can take them back and use it as a decoration item.

  • Garden seeds

If you are having an outdoor wedding or a farm theme one then an excellent option for wedding favor are garden seeds. You will be doing your environment a great favor. The seeds that you give are a token of appreciation that will one day bloom into beautiful flowers and perhaps a tree. And when they will see those flowers, it will remind them of your wedding.

  • Hangover kits

If you and your partner are planning to have a wild and crazy night, then offer your guests hangover kits as wedding favors. There is nothing wrong in being a bit adventurous but many of your guests will hesitate because of the fear of having a hangover but when you offer them these kits, they will get extremely happy.

  • Musical gift

You can have a separate event for it. Give your guests customized musical instruments like bells, maracas or tambourines. You can get your names printed or maybe a favorite quote that showcases you and your partner’s unique style. You can also ask your guests to play the instrument during your wedding.

  • Small plants

If you don’t like the seed gifts option then gift your guests a small plant or herb. Set up large tables during your reception and place all the plants on a table and put small cards in them where you thank your guests for coming to your wedding. 

  • Cookie Jar

Do you love baking? Are you an expert in baking cookies? Then it is time to put your talent into action. You can bake some tasty cookies and put them in small jars or since it is your wedding and you would not have enough time to bake them yourself so put all the ingredients and the recipe in the jars and give them to your guests. 

  • Coffee love

Many people these days love to drink coffee. Put coffee beans in small satchels or wrap them in customized napkins and give them to your guests. It is a cheap wedding favor and your guests will love it.

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