There will be several moments during the wedding planning where you just want to give up. Weddings can be stressful and exhausting. You do not have to give up. Just stay strong and deal with all these problems one by one. Here are some common dilemmas discussed that every bride faces along with their solution.

  • The ideal location

You need to find a location that accommodates all your guests. The wedding should be held at a place where all your guests can easily reach. But no matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to find such an ideal location. You need to be OK with the fact that some of your dear and near ones will not be able to make it to your wedding. Some guests will be upset. So pick a venue that seems the best to you while keeping all factors in mind. And then tell that reason to your guests. They will hopefully understand. 

  • The Groom isn’t participating in the work

Another big problem that a lot of brides face is that the groom doesn’t take part in the wedding planning. Guys can be a little careless and tend to not care about the flower arrangement etc. If you want him to be more involve in the wedding planning, you need to figure out the things that he actually cares about. Is it the music or catering? You have to assign whatever chore he is most interested in. Make him in charge of that task. This is way he will do it more responsibly. 

  • Kid or Adults?

This will get your head spinning. You and your partner may want to have an adult-only reception. What about the kids of your Siblings or your best friend? They can’t leave their kids at home then how will they make it to your wedding? You have to deal with this situation in a calm manner. Take some time and think about it. How can you deal with such a situation? You need to come up with a way that benefits both you and the guests. You can make a separate play area for the kids. The kids will play there while their parents can easily attend the reception.

  • The Plus-one problem

You invite 3 people from a family and on the wedding day, they show up 4. The reason is the inability to explain the guests. You need to make it clear in a respectable way that you are inviting the specific number of people. When people plan an adult-only ceremony, some guests still bring their kids thinking they will blend in. If you are offering a kid area then you can mention that in the invitation. But whatever you do, try to be clear so that it removes all sorts of confusion. You can give the plus-one option only to those who are in a committed relationship with someone and they can’t leave that person at home.

  • Uncooperative bridesmaid

I cannot emphasize enough on the importance of choosing the right bridal party. This is something you have to choose yourself. Ask those people to be your bridesmaid who are cooperative and close to you. Some people don’t help a lot and you ask them to be your bridesmaid just because you are close with them. Do not make such a mistake. Some bridesmaid can get too involved and disturb you in your decision making. Try to tell all of them to not take anything personally. Choose the one that has all the qualities of a bridesmaid. There is a separate article for it. You can check out this link.

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