Everyone wants the best on their wedding day. Finding a good DJ counts as one. When you have done your research about a wedding DJ, you’ll be surprised to find out how much their price varies. Some DJ costs a few hundred dollars while some may charge many thousands. But why is there so much variation in their price? Some DJs do their work as a hobby. They claim to be good, but they don’t perform well. And there are actual professionals out there who have spent years learning. Now I will be telling you some solid reasons why the price of different DJs vary and why hiring a cheap DJ will not be the best thing to do.

We search for the best but tend to bargain as well
As a human, we all tend to look for the best thing available but also get it at an affordable price. You will search for the best product, and when you finally find that product, you will bargain. Same is the case with wedding DJs. Many couples want a quality wedding DJ but at an affordable price. Many articles on the Internet claim to offer services at an affordable price. There is nothing wrong in getting service at a low price but the result is often disappointing. The couple usually spends their big day in stress rather than enjoying. The poor performance of a Wedding DJ ruins their day. So it is better to pay some extra bucks and get professional services.

It is your big day. You have to make it the best day of your life. It will be wise to pick someone that is a professional and knows how to handle an event smoothly. Professionals train for years to build their skills. So the result is, go after quality, not quantity.

How many Hours will DJ perform?
Many people are confused with the hour concept. When a wedding DJ has hours mentioned, people assume he will only work in that specific time. In reality, they work longer than that. It does not mean they will offer extra hours on the big day. It merely says the Wedding DJ spends a considerable amount of time in planning. Meetings, emails, gathering music based on your tastes, load in/ out, and travel. Instead of the few hours mentioned, a quality wedding DJ will be spending more time — around 25 hours in total. So, you can rest assure all your doubts and hire a professional wedding DJ. He will spend more time than mentioned in the contract.

Equipment used by the DJ
Getting to know about the equipment does not look like your concern. But the truth is, you need to know about it. The amount of money they spend on their equipment affects their performance. A Wedding DJ needs to purchase professional equipment, playback, music acquisition, lighting, and redundancy. If you research their price, it costs thousands of dollars. The price affects their services and overall wedding DJ prices.
Here is a comparison of investment done by a cheap DJ and an experienced one.

  • The “Cheap DJ” Setup
  • $750
  • Inexpensive Laptop: $250
  • Inexpensive Speakers: $300
  • DJ Controller: $150
  • Corded Microphone: $50
  • The Professional Investment
  • $23,400
  • Two Top End Laptops: $5000
  • Quality Speakers: $6900
  • Controller & Backup: $2000
  • Wireless Mics and Transmitters: $6000
  • Digital Mixers: $1500
  • Cases, Cables, Etc. $2000

A newbie or occasional DJ does not focus on quality. He will provide pirated music and other services at a low price. He will have the necessary equipment to get through the day. Whereas, a professional DJ will put in the effort and money to provide high-quality services. He will make sure no issue occurs on your wedding day. The above table is general information. Some experienced DJs will bring additional equipment like expensive up lighting, rigging, and monitors. This is the difference between a professional and inexperienced wedding DJ.

Reliability issues
Reliability issues are one of the most significant problems while searching for your wedding DJ. Inexpensive DJs usually do this part-time which means the need to supplement their income with a fulltime job. Their real-life priorities fall under their day job which could affect your wedding if they are required to work the full-time job on your wedding day.

Focus on Value over anything else
Value is the most important factor while choosing a Wedding DJ. A DJ will not just play music; he will be responsible for the proper flow of your wedding and keep everything running smoothly. Able to read the crowd and play the right songs at the right time. You will have a meeting with the DJ before your wedding. You will need to give him all the details at that time. The DJ needs to know the guest’s name and also have a friendly relationship with the vendors and other workers. If something goes wrong, your DJ needs to come up with a plan B or C. In short; he needs to make your wedding day the best day of your life. This is the kind of value a professional DJ will bring into your wedding. Value is more important than anything else.

It all goes down to how much you are willing to spend on your wedding. Set up your budget and then research for the wedding DJ. A quality wedding DJ prices vary from $800 to $2000. If a wedding DJ is offering less than that it means he lacks a thing or two. Check the services of the Wedding DJ in detail. Make sure his personality syncs with yours. It will be best to book your wedding DJ for at least six months or more in advance.
Having a wedding DJ can make or break your wedding. He is in charge of the flow and making sure everyone has a great time. Your wedding day is the single most important day in your entire life, and you only get one chance to do it right. So choose wisely!

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